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Karen Perry
From an early age Karen was rarely without drawing paper, and pencil.  Little has changed.  Her enthusiasm for art developed throughout her time at school and was encouraged by excellent, honest tuition.  Following her degree course she worked in London in roles unrelated to the Arts.  Karen returned to painting some years later.  She now works in oil, oil pastel and specialises in bold watercolour.  Her subject matter is varied, but often reflects her love of boats, water and the warmth of the Mediterranean.

"I aim to share the pleasure I find in art; its colour, energy, endless potential for communication and expression - connecting with the observer and his own experiences.  The meld of art and response is an intensely personal, individual matter.  If it brings peace, relaxation, liberation of the senses, all the better.  I have shared what I feel when I paint."

Karen divides her time between a studio in Kenley and the gallery in Redhill.
Born and educated in Surrey.  Karen gained a London University Honours degree in Fine Art and History.
                                                        She now lives in Horley with her husband, Richard.

The following Paintings are also available as a Limited Edition Giclee Print and as a greeting card.
Please contact us if you wish to make a purchase.


"Old Friends".

"Cabanon and Poppies".
Watercolour and Gouache.

"Cabernon and Lavender".
Oil on Canvas.

"The Blue Cafe".
Watercolour and Gouache.

"The High Life".
Pastel on Paper.

"Lavender and Barn".
Oil on Canvas.

"Good Companions".

"Wild and Free - Stonecourt Poppies".
Oil on Canvas.

"Lilly and Frog".


"Salon De The" .
Watercolour and Gouache.

All the images below are available as greeting cards.